Brian Answers Your Top Bedroom Design Questions

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bedroom design questions
Brian Gluckstein

We’re all looking for a comfortable, beautifully designed bedroom. After all, it’s the room we spend the most time in and where we go for moments of quiet refuge. When it comes to bedroom design and decoration, you had dilemmas and Brian is here to help! He recently answered some of your bedroom design questions.

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What’s the best height for a headboard?

Brian: I’d say 54 inches high, but if you want a modern look you can go either very high or very low with the headboard either 42 or 58 inches.

What do you think of fabric on the walls in a bedroom?

Brian: This is a great bedroom design question. I love using fabric on the walls, whether through panelled walls or by using fabric on an upholstered headboard. It creates a soft cozy feel and really helps insulate the room from noise.

How do you paint a bedroom with a sloped ceiling?

Brian: Sometimes I’ll paint the slope the same colour as the walls, but it’s often nice to do an accent wall with a different paint colour on the wall behind the bed.

I’m starting fresh on a new principal bedroom. What colour scheme would you use for a beach cottage?

Brian: For a beach cottage, I like a light and airy feel. Creams, sands, and maybe different blues to play up the nautical look.

My principal bedroom is very long, how can I divide it or position furniture comfortably?

Brian: In a very long bedroom, I like to create a sitting area. I’ll place the bed against the wall on one end of the room, then position a sofa in front of the bed with a chair or two, and then an armoire or dresser in front of that with a television on it.

How large should the rug be under a king size bed and where should it be placed?

Brian: You take the bed and the night tables and have the sides of the rug go from one end of the night table all the way to the other end of the other night table. It can start anywhere underneath the night tables and go all the way to the wall across from the bed, about a foot away from the wall.

Photography by Iris Ooms