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Bring an effortlessly coordinated look to every room with modern furniture for living, dining, and sleeping that channels Brian Gluckstein’s effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic. The GlucksteinHome furniture collection is available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay. 

How to Choose and Shop Modern Living Room Furniture

Identify Your Style  

Begin by defining your aesthetic. Are you drawn to modern furniture with minimalistic lines or timeless pieces with classic profiles? The GlucksteinHome living room furniture collection, available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay, offers a range of styles, from ultra comfortable sectional sofas to stylish coffee tables. Consider pieces that resonate with your personal style while offering functional appeal.

Focus on Comfort and Quality  

Invest in comfortable furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality. Look for living room sofas, sectionals, and ottomans that offer good support and are made of durable materials. The GlucksteinHome upholstery collection offers a variety of colour and fabric options, including fade-resistant and stain-resistant easy cleaning Crytpon material. Upholstery collection options include feather down blend seating, generous proportions, superior construction, benchmade in Canada. 

Optimize Your Space  

Measure your living room before shopping. It’s crucial to choose furniture that fits well in your space, allowing for easy movement. Complete living room with coffee tables, side tables, accent chairs, and shelving units that blend style and function. Embrace multi-functional accent furniture like nesting tables and benches to maximize your living space.

Colour Coordination and Texture  

Bring your living room to life by coordinating furniture with your room’s colour scheme. Introduce texture and accent colours through throw pillows, rugs, or accent chairs for a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

How to Choose and Shop Modern Bedroom Furniture

Start with the Basics  

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. Choose a bed frame from the GlucksteinHome furniture collection that complements your personal style, Available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay, bed styles include modern four poster beds, sophisticated upholstered headboards, and contemporary panelled beds. Finish the look with coordinating dressers and nightstands in looks ranging from classic to tailored to contemporary and sleek.

Functional Storage Solutions

Maximize bedroom storage, particularly important for small spaces, with modern dressers, nightstands, and storage beds featuring smart organization systems. Keep your haven clutter-free and serene.

Keep it Serene 

Your bedroom is your personal retreat. Choose calming colours and textures that promote rest. Personalize your space with items that make you feel calm and relaxed. 

How to Choose and Shop Modern Dining Room Furniture

Right Size for Your Space 

Your dining table should fit comfortably in your dining area. Be sure to measure your space and allow for ample movement around the room. For flexibility, consider a table with an optional extender.  

Material Matters  

Dining tables from the GlucksteinHome furniture collection come in a variety of materials and styles. The Camden table, with its minimalist profile and warm walnut finish, suits modern tastes. For those preferring a Scandinavian-inspired look, the Weston modern harvest table offers spacious, streamlined appeal. And the Gilmore dining table, perfect for a Modern Farmhouse aesthetic, combines a classic trestle base with a rustic finish. 

Comfortable Seating is Key

Invest in comfortable dining chairs. Consider the height and depth of the chairs in relation to your table. Choose dining chairs that blend comfort and style. Upholstered chairs elevate lengthy dinner conversations. For kitchen seating, select from a range of island counter stools and bar stools. Opt for styles and profiles ranging from sleekly contemporary to timeless and tailored.

Complete the Space

Enhance your dining area with a buffet, sideboard, or console table available in styles from casual to elegant. A bar cart offers stylish functionality for entertaining. And don’t forget a statement light fixture above your dining table for that perfect finishing touch.