The Flooring Trends You Need to Know About

Inspiration for a stylish flooring update
Flooring trends to know about
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If you’re planning a home project, new flooring just might be on the top of your list. Your current flooring might feel tired and outdated or you simply may want to shake things up. Either way, we’ve got the flooring trends you need to know about. Fresh yet timeless, these options will add style to your home over the longterm. Here, we’ve rounded up all the best flooring trends to help inspire your next flooring makeover.

Textured Flooring

Just as we’ve been obsessed with textural upholstery fabrics like velvets and linens in recent years, textured floors are becoming increasingly sought-after as well. Wood finishes like wire-brushing and hand-scraping create an organic, stylish look. Stone floors offer a beautiful, rustic look that will stand the test of time.

Design tip: Consider layering textures throughout your space. Soft rugs, plush upholstery, and tactile accessories complement textured floors, creating a rich sensory experience.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Called herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish, this V-shaped pattern looks a bit like a broken zigzag. Chevron, on the other hand, looks like a perfect zigzag. These patterns pair beautifully with both woods and tiling. And while herringbone and chevron flooring is on trend right now, these patterns will never go out of style.

Design Tip: When opting for herringbone and chevron patterns, keep your area rugs simple. Let the distinctive pattern of your flooring shine without competing with other busy designs on the floor.

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Dark chevron flooring; GlucksteinElements Lowell pendant light, Rockwell outdoor pendant light

Statement Flooring

For a flooring trend with major impact, try a statement pattern. Graphic, colourful tile patterns are big and the options are endless. For longevity, choose a classic pattern that you’ll love for years to come. And if you fall for an intricate, more expensive, patterned tile that you just can’t live without, try using it in a smaller space like a powder room to save on material and installation costs.

Design Tip: When opting for statement floors, choose a bold colour from the pattern to use on walls and window treatments. This creates a cohesive look throughout the room and allows the flooring to truly stand out.

GlucksteinElements Ashbury chandelier
Graphic patterned flooring, light wood flooring; GlucksteinElements Ashbury chandelier

Extreme Lights and Darks

When it comes to wood flooring trends, consider going extreme. Light-stained floors feel modern, fresh, and bright all year round. Light floors also offer a great base for furniture and decor in a variety of styles. Meanwhile, dark wood floors are a beautiful way to add drama and ground a space.

Design Tip: For light flooring, keep walls and window treatments light for a fresh and airy feel. Conversely, dark floors need a dark accent, like richly hued velvet drapery panels, to anchor the look. You can opt for dark walls for a luxe, cozy feeling or light walls for contrast, depending on the mood you want to achieve.

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