Laundry Room Designs to Inspire You Now

Ideas to make laundry day a little more exciting
Inspiring laundry room design by Gluckstein Design Planning
Laundry room design by Gluckstein Design Planning

Gone are the days when the laundry room was merely a forgotten corner of the house, a dull and dreary space reserved for chores. Instead we’re turning this utilitarian area into a place of style and function. From patterned wallpaper and tiles to colourful stools and shelves, there’s no reason this can’t become a space you enjoy spending at least a little bit of time in. Whether you have a spacious room or a compact closet, there are plenty of inspiring laundry room designs and tips to transform yours into a place you’ll love. 

1. Get Creative with Flooring and Cabinets

Why stick to mundane flooring when you can make a statement? Experiment with graphic statement floors to add flair to your laundry space. Mix closed cabinets with glass ones for visual interest and to break up monotony. Keep things organized with baskets and neatly stacked towels for a tidy appearance.

GlucksteinElements Allegra pendant light
GlucksteinElements Allegra 3-light pendant

2. Embrace Open Shelves for Style and Storage

Open shelves aren’t just for kitchens; they serve a practical purpose in the laundry room too. Use them as a linen cupboard to neatly stack towels and sheets. To keep clutter at bay, employ baskets to stash away laundry products, sewing supplies, or spare light bulbs. Line the walls behind the shelves with a fun wallpaper pattern to add personality into the space. Who says a laundry room has to be bland?

Laundry room design by Brian Gluckstein
Laundry room design by Gluckstein Design Planning

3. Splash Some Colour

Injecting colour into your laundry room design can work wonders for lifting spirits. Hang some cheerful art pieces, paint cabinets in refreshing hues, and choose contrasting colours for shelves. Don’t forget about lighting fixtures—they’re not just for illumination; they’re statement pieces that can add a lot of style to the room.

Laundry room design ideas with colour
Laundry room design by Gluckstein Design Planning

3. Make a Statement With an Island

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious laundry room, consider adding an island. It’s not only a stylish addition but also highly practical. Use it as a folding station or even as a crafting or gift-wrapping area. Opt for a glass pane door if your room lacks natural light, and don’t shy away from adding a splash of colour with vibrant counter stools.

GlucksteinElements Bristol pendant light
GlucksteinElements Bristol pendant light

5. Embrace Open Storage Systems

An open storage system is a game-changer in a laundry room design. Hang damp clothes or freshly ironed garments before they find their way to the closet. Keep essentials within easy reach and make tossing laundry into the hamper a breeze.

GlucksteinElements Emery storage system
GlucksteinElements Emery storage system

Photography by Angus Fergusson (1, 3, 5), Kim Jeffery (2, 6), Britney Townsend (4)