How to Get the Minimalist Bedroom Look

Designing a calm oasis to start and end each day
minimalist bedroom
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Not only are minimalist bedrooms stylishly on-trend, they make for an oasis that’s sure to put your mind at ease morning through night. But minimalism means more than just “less stuff” – it’s a design approach focused on going back to basics and creating a sense of calm. The lightness of this approach stems from a lack of excess, but also from a focused palette and choice of materials and styling. We’re sharing our top tips for a minimalist bedroom design that feels both tranquil and stylish.

1. Opt for a soothing neutral palette

Bring serenity into your space with neutral colours like soft whites and taupes. Also consider soothing earthy greens and blues. Choose hues that connect back to nature for a calming sense of security and stability.

2. Go for texture

With a more neutral, earthy palette, it’s especially important to bring in plenty of texture to keep a minimalist bedroom from falling flat. Think linen bedding, a textured oil painting, woven baskets, caning on the back of a chair, and even panelled walls to elevate the look.

3. Less is more

Be purposeful in what you leave out on display – everything should serve a purpose in terms of form or function. As a bonus, lightening up on any visual clutter will to help limit mental clutter, too. If a decluttering project feels overwhelming, try this easy approach. Edit your items into three groups: pieces to donate, items you’d like to keep but not display, and items for display.

4. Go for hidden storage

Find a place for all of those pieces that don’t serve a style statement but have a functional purpose. Storage beds with drawers underneath, dressers with plenty of depth, baskets, and decorative boxes will help do the trick to keep minimalist bedroom feeling light.

GlucksteinHome storage bed
GlucksteinHome Victoria storage bed

5. Keep a casual feel

A bit of strategic styling is key to making your bedroom feel minimalist and modern, not sterile. Try a stack of coffee table books on the floor, art propped up against the wall, and a tree potted in a woven basket for an effortlessly undone look.

Photography A Plus Creative (lead) and Hudson’s Bay


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