How to Add Soul to a Monochromatic Kitchen

Because your neutral kitchen should never be lacking in personality
add soul to a monochromatic kitchen
Kitchen design by Gluckstein Design

Some people think monochromatic kitchens can be boring. And they definitely can be! Particularly if the space is devoid of personality. But many of us have monochromatic kitchens at home. After all, kitchen renovations are time-consuming and costly and a neutral look can stand the test of time. If you’re someone who doesn’t think they can live with a bold backsplash or colourful cabinets for years to come, neutral is definitely the way to go. And we do love a pared back kitchen design. It tends to look sleek and clean, and makes a bright, uplifting space to prep daily meals.

The key to a successful monochromatic kitchen? Plenty of soul and personality, Your monochromatic kitchen really can be just as exciting as a bold, colourful kitchen. Here are our tips for filling a monochromatic kitchen with heaps of soul.

Never Underestimate the Power of Texture

Nothing brings a monochromatic space to life like texture. Pulling from the same colour family, incorporate different textures that you’re excited about. The variety will ensure your look doesn’t fall flat. In this space Brian opted for a soulful, honed travertine-look island that extends onto the floor, and back-painted fluted glass panels on the pantry and refrigerator doors for a touch of Art Deco-inspired texture.

Soulful Monochromatic Kitchen
Benjamin Moore OC-20 Pale Oak (walls and cabinetry), Dekton by Cosentino Sterling in Travertine (island)

Add Warmth

Warm hues tend to feel a little more soulful because of their cozy, earthy undertones. In this kitchen, Brian used a warm white paint for the walls and cabinetry. The shade paired well with the warm white oak floors and warm travertine-look island. When designing your space, once you decide on a warm palette, be sure to commit to it for every material you choose. That way, it will look cohesive and overall be soothing to the eye.

Show Off Your Personality

Keep a few of your favourite decorative heirlooms or cherished cookbooks on display. A few personal items will make your space feel happier and unique to you. Here Brian used colour-coordinating cookbooks and added a few décor pieces to bring life to the space.

Soulful Monochromatic Kitchen

Create Some Contrast

No space is complete without a little contrast, and this couldn’t be truer for monochromatic rooms. Add dark, dramatic accents and varied metals to make your kitchen more eye-catching. In this kitchen, Brian contrasted all the warm white with rich black details. He used industrial-style black metal framing on the pantry and refrigerator, sleek black chairs and a smoked glass table at the banquette. A mix of brass and copper accents add even more contrast. 

soulful monochromatic kitchen
GlucksteinHome Nathan dining chairs, GlucksteinHome Tulip table, Grohe Essence faucet in brushed brass cool sunrise

Photography courtesy of Angus Fergusson (1, 5, 6) Jason Hartog (2, 3, 4)


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