The Dos and Don’ts of a Perfectly Effortless Home

4 ways to capture this laid-back style
perfectly effortless home
Sinclair sofa, Rafferty coffee table, Ledford console table, Felix bench, Bedford area rug

We’ve all enjoyed those long, lazy Sundays at home. Sometimes quiet moments, a good Netflix marathon, and an unmade bed can feel like a worthy indulgence. In fact, some of us strive to capture that effortless feeling everyday through our home design. Are you looking to channel a more laidback style in your own space? Just follow our tips for a perfectly effortless home.

Do Embrace Imperfections

Natural materials feel both effortless and soulful. Linen, wood, and handmade ceramics can have inherent material imperfections that add to the character of the piece. Learn to love these textural elements and appreciate the tactile experience they bring to a room.

Do Layer Textures

A variety of textures is key to achieving an effortless look. Layer materials like cotton, linen, and wood together. The weave of the two fabrics and the visible grain in wood will elevate deceptively simple pieces. Stick to a muted colour palette to help reinforce a sense of calm.

Don’t Be Afraid to Keep it Casual

Gone are the days of designing a room with matching furniture. For a more effortless home, embrace a cohesive aesthetic by looking for similarities in pieces. Think matte finishes or curved profiles. These similarities will casually tie a room together without feeling overly matching.

Don’t Rush to Tidy a Room

A bit of intentional “messiness” gives your home a relaxed, lived-in feel. Casually made bed linens, piles of pillows on the couch, or a beautifully draped throw blanket on a chair are the perfect foray into this style. Ease into this casual approach one step at a time and be sure keep the rest of the room neat and organized.

Photography by A Plus Creative 


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