10 Essentials for Adulting

Household items you’ll need for a home that’s a little more “grown-up”
GlucksteinHome Estate bedding
GlucksteinHome Estate bedding

Transitioning into adulthood means your surroundings should, too. Whether you’re moving into your first post-dorm apartment or looking to make your current space a little more refined, we’ve rounded up ten adulting essentials for a home that’s a little more grown up. Here are the key items you’ll need to make adulting that much easier.

1. Matching Flatware

Gone are the days where it’s cute that none of your cutlery matches. And so a matching flatware set tops our list of adulting essentials. As you start to welcome friends and family into your home for dinner parties and get-togethers, opt for a complete set of flatware that covers off four place settings – or go for eight, if you tend to host larger groups.

GlucksteinHome Preston flatware
GlucksteinHome 20-piece Preston flatware set

2. “Forever” Furniture

By the time you’ve decided to make your home a little more “adult,” you’re likely to have had some time to carve out your personal aesthetic. Investing in a timeless sofa or bed frame that speaks to your style is a great place to start.

Adulting essentials GlucksteinHome Lancaster sofa
GlucksteinHome Lancaster sofa

3. A Personalized Art Collection

Art adds soul to the home. And there’s no better adulting essential than a growing collection of artwork you love. Show off your newly developed personal taste and hang pieces that bring you joy. Bonus points for abstract art that feels particularly grown-up.

Adulting essentials artwork
GlucksteinHome Zoya canvas

4. Cloth Napkins

Nothing feels more adult than cloth napkins at the dinner table. Your cooking skills may still be limited to frozen pizza and take-out, but that doesn’t mean your tablescape can’t be stylishly grown-up.  Cloth napkins not only look and feel nicer, they eliminate the need for single-use paper.

GlucksteinHome Lafayette linen napkins
GlucksteinHome Lafayette linen napkins

5. A Cutting Board

A cutting board that doubles as sleek serveware comes in handy when entertaining. Opt for a wooden board with a beautiful grain. It will be stylish enough to leave out on the counter for easy access.

GlucksteinHome Rectangular Wood Serving Board
GlucksteinHome wood serving board

6. A Stylishly Organized Bookshelf

Having accumulated a number of books, plants, and décor over the years, you’ll need a stylish bookshelf to display all those curated pieces. An organized home is an adult home, after all. Opt for a versatile modular piece that you can also re-purpose in your closet for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

GlucksteinElements Emery Walnut 36 Drawer Storage System
GlucksteinElements Emery storage system

7. Extra Bedding

Some weeks increasingly adult priorities mean time is of the essence, and sometimes laundry falls to the wayside. You’ll need a few sets of extra bed sheets on hand when life gets busy. It’s also nice to have linens that change with the seasons. Think of cooling linen for the hot summer months and cozy flannels for chilly winters.

Adulting essentials GlucksteinHome French Linen bedding
GlucksteinHome French Linen bedding

8. Mood Lighting

Set the tone for a grown-up space by adding onto your basic overhead lighting. Choose a special pendant or chandelier feature piece that expresses to your personal style. Layer in accent and task lighting with table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces to increase the ambiance.

GlucksteinElements Ashcroft 3 Light Pendant
GlucksteinElements Ashcroft 3-Light Pendant

9. A Cozy Area Rug

When it comes to decorating your space, the floors are sometimes overlooked. But trust us, nothing pulls a room together more than a stylish area rug under foot. Area rugs add instant warmth, texture, and a cozy softness to the space. Choose a versatile neutral that you can layer with furniture and decor that you already own.

GlucksteinElements Everett 5x7 area rug
GlucksteinElements Everett area rug

10. Red and White Wine Glasses

Rounding our the list of adulting essentials is a set of white and red wine glasses. Because what could be more adult than having the appropriately sized glassware for the appropriate type of grape?

GlucksteinHome Fete wine glass set
GlucksteinHome Fete wine glass set

Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay and The Home Depot Canada