5 Design Dos and Don’ts to Try Now

Know when to play it safe or take the risk
5 design dos and don't to try now
GlucksteinHome Hanley button tufted headboard with panels

Spending time at home gives us the chance to truly understand how we use our space – what we love and what we find challenging about our rooms, and which projects we can finally dedicate some time on. While some items on your wish list might involve a full renovation with lots of prep, planning, and budget, others may be a smaller scale refresh for a more immediate change. Get a head start on your mini makeover with these five design dos and don’ts to try now.

Do add some texture

Sometimes all a room needs is a bit of texture to give it depth and personality. Woven cane and wicker are having a major moment for their relaxed style and easy way to add texture and warmth to a space. Try it now by adding cane-back dining or accent chairs or use a wicker basket as a planter or vessel to corral throw blankets or towels.

GlucksteinHome Nomad dining chairs GlucksteinElements Windermere pendant light
GlucksteinHome Nomad dining chairs; GlucksteinElements Windermere pendant light

Don’t shy away from dark colours

Saturated colours have an inviting, luxurious appeal, and work equally well on walls and textured materials like velvet and silk. To test out the look, try a feature wall in a richly hued peel-and-stick wallpaper. Or go all in and pair a jewel tone velvet sofa with colour coordinated drapery and walls. Mix in a bit of metal to add a touch of glam.

Design dos and don'ts to try now
GlucksteinElements Deco Geometric peel-and-stick wallpaper

Do try an upholstered wall

For a dramatic way to add warmth and texture, consider an upholstered wall. They’re especially effective in apartments or attached homes where they can help insulate against sound. If this is beyond your DIY skill set, try the look now with an upholstered headboard for a restful feeling in the bedroom.

Do add a bit of black

They say every room needs a bit of black and we couldn’t agree more. Chic and bold, a touch of black makes any room feel more modern. Black accents help to anchor a look and also adds interesting contrast against lighter walls and furnishings. Try it now with matte black hardware, rich black stoneware, or an aged black table lamp with stylish curves.

GlucksteinElements Viviane Table Lamp
GlucksteinElements Viviane table lamo

Don’t skip on space saving solutions

If you’re looking to reclaim some floor space and get organized in the bedroom, hallway, or entryway, try a modular system that you can customize for your space and needs. A simple, sleek freestanding storage unit can stash anything from clothes to books to décor. Look for a system that offers a customizable combination of hanging rods, shelving, and drawers to allow you to make virtually any room more organized and functional. 

Design dos and don'ts to try now
GlucksteinElements Emery 18-inch storage unit, Otis area rug, Grasscloth peel-and-stick wallpaper

Photography by A Plus Creative (1, 3 – 5), Stacey Brandford (2)