6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Villa-Inspired Retreat

Bringing the luxurious countryside aesthetic to your own space
GlucksteinHome French linen bedding collection

If you’ve ever spent the summer nestled in an effortlessly casual villa escape, you’ll know how relaxing and beautiful they can be. And even if you haven’t, you’re bound to appreciate that laidback sense of luxury. Villas originated in ancient Rome as upscale country homes for city-dwellers. They were designed to escape the summer heat and indulge in some quiet comfort. Think interiors with rich, natural materials and a hint of old-world charm. With nothing too fussy to let you live as you please. After all, comfort is the real meaning of luxury. Do you want to create a villa-inspired retreat at home? We sure do.

To bring the villa aesthetic back to your home this season, we’re sharing our favourite ways to get the look:

Linen bedding

No villa was ever complete without some natural linen bedding, said everyone, ever. In fact, the beauty of this breathable fabric – made from flax and perfect for summer – is that it gets softer as it ages.

Natural Stoneware

Stoneware is a staple for villa-style dining. Not only is it durable, it has an incredible organic texture. Pair it with wooden serveware for a stylishly earthy look.

GlucksteinHome Milano dinnerware collection

Down-Wrapped Slipcover Sofas

When it comes to seating fit for a villa-inspired retreat, nothing says effortless beauty like a slipcovered sofa. Pillowy, down-wrapped cushions make lounging on the sofa for afternoon naps absolutely dreamy.

GlucksteinHome Limited Greenwich down-wrapped sofa

Artfully Aged Accent Tables

Antiqued finishes are timeless and add a sense of character to a piece. In fact, we love the look of a vintage-inspired brass table because it’s so versatile. You could use it in almost any room.

GlucksteinHome Romina brass accent table

A Four Poster Bed

Fit for royalty, four poster beds truly resonate luxury. We’d definitely include one in our villa-inspired retreat. Narrower frames without drapery lend a more modern aesthetic, while still adding so much coziness and elegance to a space.

GlucksteinHome Rosedale upholstered bed

Velvety-Soft Cushions

Not only is velvet impeccably soft and luxurious, but it also takes colour beautifully. Velvet adds a rich hue to any sofa, bed, or accent chair. The fabric may develop a beautiful patina over time, adding even more character to the look. Try a few soft velvet cushions to channel the feel of a villa-inspired retreat.

GlucksteinHome Velvet velour cushions

Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay


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