6 Tips to Transition Your Patio Party from Day to Night

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Ever held a midday summer barbecue or afternoon cocktail hour that was such a hit, it lasted well into the evening? While impromptu extended parties can feel spontaneous and effortless, the best hosts are prepared for a day-to-night patio entertaining transition. As the sun, temperature, and food supplies inevitably drop, avoid putting a damper on an otherwise outstanding fete. Instead of scrambling to try to keep the party going, we suggest proofing your patio with a few simple touches to keep your guests comfortable far past sundown – unless you really want your guests to call it a night, that is.

Here are six quick touches that will help to perfectly transition your patio space from day to night:

1. Set the Mood

Make sure you have plenty of lights to brighten up the space and create a beautiful, warm glow as the sun sets. Use a mix of lanterns and string lights to add depth to your outdoor area.

2. Backup Snacks

Have some miniature tarts or a fruit platter in the kitchen in case people get hungry after the meal. A few crowd-pleasing snacks that require virtually no effort to prepare will go a long way to smoothly transitioning your patio party from day to night.

3. Extra Drinkware

For a day to night patio party, it’s a good idea to keep some extra unbreakable drinkware tucked away. You won’t want to be rushing inside to clean glassware or waiting for the dishwasher to run a cycle while guests are mingling.

4. Stay Warm

A modern fire table is sure to become the heart of your outdoor space when the sun sets. Perfect next to a set of outdoor lounge chairs, opt for a style with a surface that can be used for drinks and light snacks.

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5. Keep Bugs at Bay

Have citronella candles close at hand to keep pesky bugs away as your outdoor event transitions from day to night. Nothing ruins a patio party more than guests getting attacked by mosquitoes.

6. Nightcap Supplies

Have a tray prepped with coffee and tea supplies ready to go in the kitchen for an evening beverage option. Offering coffee and tea can also help give those long-lingering guests a heads up that the party is drawing to a close.

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