Brian Gluckstein’s Holiday Gift Picks

A curated list to bring comfort, joy, and delight to your loved ones
Brian's holiday gift picks
GlucksteinHome Owen European cotton flannel duvet cover set, Norway chair, Spencer bed and nightstand, Lise plaid throw

This holiday season, let your gifts express your warmth, love, and appreciation for the people who make your life special. To help make your holiday shopping a breeze, Brian has curated a selection of gifts that are perfect for everyone you hold dear. From cozy flannel bedding to exquisite accent plates, each of Brian’s holiday gift picks exudes comfort, elegance, and indulgence, guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone on your list.

Flannel Duvet Cover Set: Embrace the Warmth of the Season

Cozy Portuguese-made Flannel bedding is a special treat to gift at Christmastime. Imagine wrapping your loved ones in the softness and warmth of flannel on a cold winter night. It’s a gift that radiates comfort and warmth, making it perfect for creating cherished memories during the holiday season.

Catering Wine Glass Set: Elevate Every Toast

Ideal for the entertainer in your life, the Catering set of 12 German-made crystalline wine glasses is packaged in a convenient box for easy storage. These glasses elevate a wine-tasting experience and add a touch of sophistication to any gathering. Ideal for the holiday season, this pick from Brian also makes a thoughtful gift year round.

GlucksteinHome Catering wine glass set of 12
GlucksteinHome Catering wine glass set of 12

Estelle Accent Plates: Sparkle and Shine

For a host or hostess gift that’s more memorable than flowers or a bottle of wine, give this 4-piece set of shimmering Estelle accent plates. They layer beautifully with simple white dinnerware and make any event or celebration feel festive. A touch of sparkle to the dining table creates a joyful ambiance that’s perfect for holiday gatherings.

GlucksteinHome Estelle accent plates
GlucksteinHome Estelle accent plates set of 4

Brian Gluckstein: The Art of Home

My book features a collection of homes with stunning photography and insights behind my design process. It’s perfect for anyone who loves interior design. I want readers to feel inspired by the soulfulness of these spaces so that when they’re creating their own homes, they’re not following the trends but following their heart.

Brian Gluckstein The Art of Home design book
Brian Gluckstein: The Art of Home design book

Waffle Robe: Unwind and Relax in Style

Our cozy Portuguese-made Waffle robe is the perfect gift for the person in your life who needs to relax and unwind. This holiday gift pick from Brian will wrap them in luxury and help them embrace the art of self-care. It’s the gift of tranquillity in a hectic world.

Brian's holiday gift picks
GlucksteinHome Waffle robe

Davenport Sheet Set: Dive into Dreamy Comfort

The luxuriously soft 700-thread-count Davenport sheet set is an indulgent gift for a friend or family member who needs a bedroom refresh. These sheets are more than just a gift; they’re an invitation to the sweetest dreams and the coziest nights.

GlucksteinHome Davenport sheets
GlucksteinHome Davenport 700 thread count sheets

HydraSpa Bath Towel Set: Pamper Your Loved Ones

For overnight visits with family and friends, a set of ultra-soft cotton bamboo HydraSpa towels is a luxurious gift to bring. Give the gift of pampering and let your loved ones experience the spa-like luxury of these towels.

Brian's holiday gift picks
GluckstienHome HydraSpa bath towels

Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay