Designing a Calming Yet Colourful Nursery

A place to cherish, for you, and your baby
Littles by GlucksteinHome Finley convertable crib, Finley change table and dresser, GlucksteinHome Barrow accent chair

A nursery might just be one of the most exciting spaces you design in your home. While we all love a kitchen makeover and bathroom refresh, this special room truly can’t be compared. It’ll foster incredible new memories, see your baby grow, and as a new parent, it might just be the space you’ll be spending the most time in. With all that in mind, why not make it beautiful for you and your baby? 

Lately, we’ve been seeing a shift from theme-oriented nurseries to ones with a more natural, calm look. We always stress the importance of a calming bedroom, and instilling a mood of tranquility is important for your baby, too. Want to design a calming yet colourful space for your new baby? Follow our guide below:

Choose a soothing paint colour

As with many projects, a great first step is the paint colour. Decide if you’d like to go cool or warm and pull together a palette of paint samples to compare against each other, and purchase tester pots to try out in the room. Many factors could affect the look of the paint in your baby’s nursery, whether that be sun exposure or the surrounding environment, so we suggest trying out a few of your top choices to be extra confident in the decision prior to committing. That way, you know you’ll be happy with it for years to come.

Coordinate colours and patterns for joyful calm, not chaos 

When it comes to colour, select two or three you’d like to have pop as accents in the space. A key to making the room calm is keeping it connected and cohesive. We love the idea of using a few pastel shades that are easy to mix and match throughout the space. Pastels are beautiful for a calming baby’s room as they don’t compete for attention, and you can mix solids with patterns like gingham, polka dots, and stripes in the same colourways to bring interesting layers to the look.

Littles by GlucksteinHome Knit bear, Ruffle trim blanket, Channel-stitch cotton quilt

Bringing in plenty of soft texture

Especially for a newborn, it’s important to bring plenty of softness to the space to keep them cozy and stimulate their interest. Think soft cotton bedding, woven quilts, and knit blankets paired with cozy cushions, seagrass baskets, terrycloth towels, and adorable knit teddies and bunnies they’ll cling to. A plush, upholstered rocking chair and comfortable crib are essentials that are sure to please both you and your baby, and when they look grown up enough to fit with the décor of your home? Even better. 

Littles by GlucksteinHome Large round basket, Bunny stuffie, Crinkle decorative cushion, Stripe knit blanket, Channel-stripe cotton quilt

Incorporate whimsical details

With any baby’s room, you’ll want to add a touch of whimsy. There are so many fun ways to add playfulness to the space, whether that be with faux painted panelling, a soft, nature-inspired wallcovering on an accent wall, cushions in the shapes of clouds and stars, or a painted dresser coordinated to match the shade of the walls. Incorporate the things they love through smaller details, so that they’re easy to swap out the moment they decide they’re tired of turtles or bored with fairies.

Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay