How to Set the Table the French Country Way

The secrets to their effortlessly chic aesthetic

It’s hard not to fall for the effortlessly stylish, fuss-free, and cool look that the French are so well known for, and that includes taking cues from them when it comes to home décor. Lately, we’ve been inspired by how they set the table in that perfect, unfussy chic countryside style. And while we spend more time cooking and eating at home now than ever before, it’s fun to change up our table more often for a new look and feel, especially when you’re enjoying most of your meals in the same place each night.

Here we’re sharing tips for taking that cool French country aesthetic as inspiration for your next big meal: 

Go for Natural Colours

How To French Country Table SettingA La Carte Serveware

Think soft, earthy hues when it comes to your table set up. Go mostly monochrome with creamy whites, taupes, and greys for a pared back, effortless look. Feel free to bring in a bit of classic blue that the French love so much, especially when it comes to your linens or dinnerware. 

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Mix and Match

Add a casualness to your table by using a mix of styles of plates and glasses. Creating a mix makes sure nothing feels too precious and also adds a bit of variety to make the table more interesting. Opt for clear water and stemmed wine glasses to keep the table looking serene and effortless. 

Be Wild with Your Flowers

When it comes to florals, go for simple bud vases and incorporate more foliage into your vessels than you might usually on your table for a more natural look. Let those few pops of colour from the flowers really steal the show on that neutral, natural palette. Bud vases are great because they’re shorter and don’t obstruct views across the table, making sure eye contact is encouraged and things can be easily passed. 

Put Away the Iron

How To French Country Table SettingFlorence napkins

Keep it casual with a linen tablecloth that feels quintessentially French. The soft, wrinkled texture of linen looks elegantly undone. Add linen napkins next to each place setting – no fancy napkin origami required here – and don’t be afraid to mix in a couple of different colours for a varied look.  

Clear Your Schedule 

For a real, French-inspired meal, do as the French do and revel in a luxurious amount of time spent at the table. Enjoy courses separately, slowly, and be sure to leave room for long conversations and laughter with the company you’re in. Bon appetit! 

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Photography courtesy of A Plus Creative (Lead) and Hudson’s Bay (2,3)