How to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

Design ideas when your sunny square footage is limited
GlucksteinHome Sedona Small Space
GlucksteinHome Sedona sectional

Design ideas are particularly important when it comes to small outdoor spaces. When you’re decorating your outdoor area, there are two key questions to consider: how much space do I have, and what is my lifestyle? If your outdoor area comes with limited square footage, you’re going to want to think about how you’ll use your time outside. That way, you can ensure the set up is complimentary to the way you live. For example, if you love to relax in the fresh air, you may be happiest filling that space with comfortable lounge chairs or a sectional. On the other hand, if you enjoy your meals outdoors, you’ll want to opt for a dining set if room allows.

As the weather warms up and your little slice of the outdoors becomes a much welcomed extra “room” in your home, we are sure you can’t wait to start decorating and enjoying the season. Below we’re sharing more design ideas to make the most of your small outdoor space.

Keep it Light and Airy

As with any small space, indoor or outdoor, you’ll want to avoid overwhelming the space with furniture that feels heavy. Look to furniture items with slimmer profiles that are up on legs.

Look for Compact Furniture

Keep on the lookout for smaller scale pieces that fit seamlessly into your little space. Be sure to measure your space so you know what you have available. Furthermore, consider taping out the pieces on the ground with painters’ tape, to make sure the layout works and allows for adequate leg room and traffic flow. Look to pieces like nested tables, which can tuck away or expand as needed. To extend your time outdoors, opt for a sleek, smaller scale tabletop heater that doubles as a USB charging station.

GlucksteinElements Conrad patio heater

Grow Greenery

Often times, a smaller outdoor space means a condo or apartment balcony. Adding some plants can do wonders to soften a less than scenic view. Create levels to your greenery with a variety of plants on surfaces and mixed height stands. Or even consider a wall of greenery that breathes fresh air into your space.

GlucksteinHome outdoor planters and lanters
GlucksteinHome outdoor planter and lantern collection

Add the Finishing Touches

A small space doesn’t mean you can’t max out on style. A beautiful outdoor rug will ground your space and add impact. Lanterns set the mood after sundown. Be sure to bring colour in with toss cushions and throw blankets. They’re are easy to swap out when you want to change up the look.

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