4 Tips to Host a Cozy Night In

How to make evenings at home feel extra special
Tips to host a cozy night in
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As we head into the colder, darker months, full of shorter days and hectic schedules, we’re looking forward to quiet, cozy nights from the comfort of home. Formal entertaining has its place, but we’re always ready to relax and recharge with the ones we love. A big night in, as we’d call it.

It’s about appreciating the simple pleasures in life, and we’re totally here for it. Read on for our tips to celebrate your own big night in at home.

Go Tech-Free

These days it’s easy to get lost in an endless spiral of technology. Be it email, social media, or Netflix, sometimes it can be hard to break out of that cycle and live in the moment. But a cozy night in with family and friends works best if everyone is present and engaged with those around them. Ask everyone to drop their devices into a bowl or drawer in your entryway. Choose a tech-free activity you can do together as a group. Opt for a board game, work on a puzzle, or put on some music and clear the way for an impromptu dance floor.

Celebrate Like it’s a Special Occasion

Just because it isn’t a special occasion every night, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like it is. Treat any evening like a truly special one. Dress up the dinner table with lots of cozy candles, layer in appetizer plates with shimmering metallic details, and kick off the evening with a toast. Afterall champagne flutes always feel special, even if you aren’t actually drinking champagne.

For Dinner, Try Something New

Nothing shakes up your routine and makes a night feel extra special like trying something different. Decide to make a dish (or order it in) that no one’s tried before. That way you can all experience it together. And consider multiple courses – like appetizers and dessert – alongside your main. It’s an easy way to make the evening feel special.

Warm It Up

Half of the fun in a big night in is getting the house ready for it. A few simple ways to prepare for a cozy night at home? Light some candles, start the fireplace, put up some string lights or pre-lit holiday garlands, and make sure to have plenty of soft throws on hand for everyone for the night ahead.

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