How to Make the Perfect Bed

Turn a basic bed into a sleep sanctuary
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We all crave a good night’s sleep, and there’s nothing more luxurious than slipping into a perfectly styled bed at the end of the day. From an impossibly fluffy duvet to artfully arranged pillows, a Pinterest-worthy bed can seem like an unattainable dream. But a few simple steps each morning will take your bed from basic to extra-inviting come nightfall.

Here’s Brian’s formula to making the perfect bed, featuring a few pro secrets and styling tricks:

1. The Sheets

Start with the flat sheet, reverse side up, and fold the top over so the finished side is exposed.

2. The Duvet

For a fluffy looking duvet with tons of volume, the secret is in the fold. Lay the duvet over the bed and fold it in half from the top of the bed down. Then fold that top section in half again, this time bringing it back up towards the top, in an “s” fold, to create a nice thick section in front of the pillows.

3. The Euro Shams

For the pillows, start with large Euro squares at the back, placed upright against the headboard, to add height to the bed and to layer in pattern or texture. Use two Euros for a queen or full bed and three for a king.

4. The Shams

Next are the shams, which are a more horizontal pillow that adds polish to a bed. Shams are sized, so be sure to use king if you have a king bed.

5. The Sleeping Pillows

The sleeping pillows layer in next and are placed in front of the shams.

Brian’s Tip: When your sleeping pillowcase starts to look wrinkled, tuck it between your sham and decorative cushion so it’s covered.

6. The Decorative Pillows

Finally, mix in decorative cushions for additional pattern and contrast. A group of three creates a perfectly layered look that breaks up the symmetry of the other pillows. Or go with a pair of toss pillows in two different sizes: try one in a neat square and the second in a longer lumbar style.

Watch below for more of Brian’s bed making tips.

Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay