5 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Try these tips to maximize your footprint
how to make your space feel bigger
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Let’s face it, if you’re after an urban address the chances are you’re trading a sprawling backyard for a city view and sacrificing some square footage along the way. Small space living forces you to be organized, get creative with your design choices, and make some compromises, but it can also be a cozy and charming retreat at the end of the day. If you’re looking to make your space feel bigger, try these pro tips to maximize your home’s footprint.

Use a Light Palette

Using a lighter colour palette throughout your home is easily one of the quickest ways to make a room feel bigger. Keep both walls and upholstered furniture pieces in light shades for the biggest impact. Another trick is to paint walls and ceilings in the same colour. It creates a seamless look and highlights the architecture of the room. Don’t forget to warm up your space with wood or brass accents. And layer in natural textures like a wool rug or chunky knit throw for cozy feel.

Add in Mirrors

In some cases, the challenge with a smaller room is the lack of light. Use mirrors to create continuous sightlines and the illusion of a bigger space. Placed next to a window, a mirror will reflect the natural light along with the view. And don’t forget to think beyond the walls – a mirrored coffee table or kitchen backsplash can help achieve the same reflective effect.

Look to Leggy Furniture

If you want to make your space feel bigger, you’ll want to keep light flowing through for an airy feel. Take a look at your furniture. Chunkier pieces that sit low to the ground will break up the room and make it feel smaller. On the other hand, a slender profile sofa, sleek coffee table, or dining chair with a streamlined frame will help the room feel open and spacious.

Rethink Your Window Coverings

Heavy drapery panels can add unwanted bulk and weight to a room, particularly in a smaller home. Instead, opt for light sheer drapery panels or roman blings to keep it breezy and bright in your space. Layering both options will maximizes the light darkening effect in rooms that need a bit more privacy.

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Consider Circulation + Flow

Living in a small space will help you embrace your minimalist side. When selecting furniture, the goal is to have enough pieces to be comfortable but also enough space to circulate around the room. Double duty pieces are the urban dweller’s best friend and can always be reused if and when you move to a larger home. Don’t discount the value of a tidy home ether. Clutter is not only a physical distraction but a visual one as well.

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