How Much Do You Know About Towels?

The differences might surprise you

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When it comes to buying towels, we typically make choices based on colour and style – especially if we’re shopping online – and give little thought to other factors. But it might come as a surprise to learn that not every towel is made with the same cotton or that different sizes perform better in certain scenarios.

From how they feel to how they’re made, knowing the unique properties can help you make a better choice the next time you’re ready for a new set of towels.

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With so many types of towels available, here’s a quick overview on our favourite cotton options.

Cotton Modal. Naturally sourced, modal is made from wood pulp making it soft, quick drying, and more absorbent than cotton. It’s blended with cotton for added strength.

Micro-cotton. This trademarked name is high-grade 100% natural cotton with a luxuriously silky-soft feel that’s highly absorbent.

Bamboo. Believe it or not, this is actually a blend of bamboo and cotton. It’s naturally mildew and odor resistant – perfect for rooms with low or no ventilation – durable, and very absorbent.

Aegean Cotton. Grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, this luxurious cotton gets softer with each wash.

Towel Buying Guide for GlucksteinHome towels at Hudson's BayPerfect towel collection


We break down the most common sizes to help you get it right.

Washcloth. The smallest of the bunch, this towel is perfect soaking in hot water for a soothing face wash or a luxurious compliment to a shave.

Hand Towel. A mid-size towel, this one is ideal for bathroom tasks like drying hands or wringing out hair. It’s also perfect to hang in the powder room.

Bath Towel. True to its name, this is ideal for drying off post bath or shower.

Bath Sheet. Generously sized, a bath sheet is perfect for taller people or anyone who wants to feel luxuriously wrapped up.

Tub Mat. No one wants to step out onto a cold bathroom floor after a relaxing soak. This towel-like mat is the perfect solution.

Towel Buying Guide for GlucksteinHome towels at Hudson's Bay

Aegean towel collection


Proper care not only keeps towels looking and feeling fresh, it’s also important to help them function properly. We’ve rounded up our top tips so you can launder like a pro.

Water Temperature. Warm water is best to keep colours from bleeding and to maintain softness.

Detergent. A mild liquid detergent is key to keeping towels soft and ensuring it rinses out thoroughly.

Bleach. Constant use of bleach can eat away at the fibres, shortening the lifespan of your towel. It’s a good idea to wash white towels separately and only use non-chlorine bleach if necessary.

Softener. Because it can build up a waxy coating on fibres, making them less absorbent, it’s best to skip fabric softener or use it very sparingly.

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