How to Makeover Your Bathroom in a Weekend

Flex your DIY muscles with our handy dos and don’ts
bathroom makeover
GlucksteinElements Larson vanity, Westbury mirror, Ashbury two light vanity fixture

Most of us have a bathroom makeover on our wish list. After all, these days, the bathroom is proving to be the only real escape from the rest of a busy household. It’s a place where to block out some time to indulge in a little self-care. So why not make it a room that you really want to spend time in? Even if a renovation is not in the plan, the bathroom is very DIY friendly space. Updating elements like the vanity and lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel. And often with little more than a weekend’s worth of work.

Follow these helpful dos and don’ts to make the you quick bathroom refresh smooth and enjoyable. You’ll be relaxing in your new retreat in no time.

Do a sketch of the room

Start your plan by measuring the room taking note of where the plumbing and electrical are, as well as the wall height. This will help you determine the size of vanity, lighting, and mirror that the space can accommodate. To keep the bathroom makeover on an accelerated timeline, use existing electrical and plumbing locations.

Brian’s Tip: Always call in a professional to help with plumbing and electrical to ensure work is properly and safely done.

Do pick a design direction

This is the perfect time to check your Pinterest board and Instagram feed for all the bathroom makeover inspiration you’ve saved. Is your look classic spa retreat? Does farmhouse speak more to your style? Are you modern and minimalist? Once you’ve settled on a direction find a vanity, light fixture, and mirror that speaks to your style.

Don’t forget to order in advance

There’s nothing worse than starting a project only to realize part way through that you’re missing something. Before you begin, read any assembly instructions, gather extra supplies you might need, and be sure to add any missing tools or materials to your order. 

Don’t miss the finishing touches

Chances are, your bath accessories, shower curtain, and possibly towels won’t feel quite right in the redesigned space. Treat yourself to new accessories and accents that fit with the new look and feel of your bathroom makeover. Don’t forget to add a plant or two to help bring life to the space. 

Photography (from top) by A Plus Creative, The Home Depot Canada, Hudson’s Bay


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